It can be difficult at times for me to grasp the idea that God knows me so intimately that “all the hairs on my head have been counted.” My strengths and particularly my weaknesses cannot be hidden from this kind of knowledge. In spite of them, God still loves me deeply. How am I worthy of this love?

Luckily, God sees my value and worth, even when I may not. This type of love is not completely beyond my grasp. I experience it in those grace-filled times when I catch a glimpse of God’s love for me. These times leave me with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and motivation to not only love myself more fully, but others as well. While I may not always understand that love, it’s comforting to know it is there, and inspiring in what it can create.

How does God’s intimate love for you challenge you to a fuller life of faith?

—Andy Rebollar is a Pastoral Associate at St. Pius X Parish in Grandville, MI and writes for Charis Ministries.