God’s love shines in the darkest moments. This is part of its great mystery and beauty. John alerts us to this in today’s Gospel reading: when Judas leaves to betray Jesus, he writes, “And it was night.” Yet immediately after this Jesus says that now the Son is glorified, and God is glorified in him—now, precisely at this moment of betrayal.

How deep must God’s love be that he considers this hour, the hour of his betrayal, suffering, and death for our sake, to be his glory?

There is a logic here, one we are called to understand and to live. We cannot do it alone, but through his Passion and Resurrection, Jesus gives us the power to do so, if we only ask.

—William Manaker, S.J., a Jesuit scholastic of the Central-Southern Jesuit province, is studying philosophy at Loyola University Chicago.