We seem to care most about bad news and not about celebrating the good news in our lives. The best News of all comes from Jesus, and this Good News is the message of the Easter Season. John warns that many will reject the testimony Jesus brings. Not much has changed over the years.

When we hear the Good News we must first rejoice and then respond in obedience. To obey God we must know who God is, open our ears and our hearts to God’s Word, and trust God. Our reward will be God’s very own life. Since God does not ration this gift of his Spirit, we can live joyfully in grace forever. John makes it clear that the “reward” for disobedience will be anything but “good news.” Let us trust Jesus and what He has to say and we will have cause for celebration, now and forever.

—Jesus Estrada is a 9th grade student at Verbum Dei High School, Los Angeles, CA.