In today’s reading from St. Paul to the Romans, Paul sends a long list of greetings to establish a connection between himself and congregations whom he had yet to encounter personally.  While the names may be equally unfamiliar to our modern eyes, it is notable in that it contains both Jewish and Gentile names.  The gospel message of Jesus was not (and indeed still is not!) limited to a particular group.  Our responsibility as followers of Christ is, like Paul, to reach across boundaries to invite everyone into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Today we celebrate Veterans Day.  This day, chosen because it marks the signing of the armistice in 1918 that ended World War I, can be a reminder to all of us of the great toll that hatred and division can take on our world.  How are you be invited to reach across a divide to meet a brother or sister in Christ?

—The Jesuit Prayer team





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