We are all used to the “heads or tails” coin toss at athletic contests and other events. We’re used to the either/or reality involved. The Pharisee and tax collector in today’s gospel offer another angle—both/and rather than either/or.

Consider the possibility that in each of our lives, at various times and in differing circumstances, we can act with total righteousness or with honest humility. And perhaps that is Jesus’ point: I can be honest, thoughtful, generous, hope-filled, responsible in the morning and, for some inexplicable reason act quite the opposite later in the day. Reactions of family and friends quite often point this out: “You sure got up on the wrong side of the bed today.” -and- “Thanks for going the extra mile tonight.”

Throughout these days of Lent, Jesus invites us to be our best selves, to throw in our lot with him, to walk in his footsteps…even on the road to Calvary. Where am I with Jesus on this third Saturday of Lent?

—The Jesuit Prayer Team