In any family we know that our parents and grandparents hold so many events, dreams, and needs deep down in their hearts. They carry a family’s or a neighborhood’s living memory. Some of these memories may be difficult—broken relationships, personal failures, family hardship. Many others recall life-giving events, critical conversations, special celebrations and relationships that give meaning and hope. The reality of course is that these events and conversations are often fleeting, yet the memory of them fires our service and anchors our hope months and years later. This is particularly true of the influence of a fine teacher or special personal mentor, the impact of decisions that have shaped a family’s future. Some of the memories we hold inside are unpleasant, even painful. Yet these also shape our attitudes and outreach.

This (hopefully pleasant) weekend, what memories do I hold in my heart? Can I name particular persons and situations that I bring to the Lord today with gratitude and with hope?  On this feast day we also place these persons and situations in Mary’s immaculate heart.

—The Jesuit prayer team