Tornado sirens blared loudly early this morning where I live. They sounded after a night of strong winds and breaking branches. It was hard to sleep….the hours ticked by oh so slowly! I kept thinking about unfinished business and chores incomplete. At one point I even started catastrophizing about whether “this is it.” Thrashing around in bed I thought of relationships that need mending, conversations I have put off. Finally I took some deep breaths, reached for my rosary, and had a conversation  with God about family and future. Slowly I found peace, especially as I handed things over to the Lord.

The weeks of Easter offer perspective as the Risen Jesus invites us to see the bigger picture and take the longer view of things. The weekly and even daily “dyings and risings” we experience are practical invitations to place our hopes and fears, our needs and desires into God’s hands. Today, deep inside, can I trust in God’s goodness? Can I trust the words Jesus speaks today: “It is I; do not be afraid.”

―The Jesuit prayer team