.As disciples we make our way, choosing to trust that Christ is with us, God is near. As we journey along we come to discover that in some circumstances and at some times, choosing to trust requires little effort on our part. Our blessings become clearly recognizable to us. They leave us awash in a pervasive sense of joy, and a clear eyed certitude that our trust is well-placed.

At other points along the way we come to clouded crossroads wherein our blessings elude easy grasp and become concealed somewhere within the fog of faith. At such times, we are hard pressed to find eyes to see and ears to hear.

In that often terrifying territory, choosing to trust requires everything of us; and, when everything in us is exhausted, we realize that everything in us isn’t enough. That’s when, as disciples, we come to know in our bones that the gift of the Spirit knows no ration, and that there—in the not enough—Christ is with us, God is near!

—Moira and Richard Clark are Catholic high school educators in Cleveland, OH. Rich is President of St. Martin dePorres High School, and Moira is Dean of Student Life & Formation at Magnificat High School.