Both readings today tell the tales of women without children experiencing miraculous pregnancies resulting in births of strong, outspoken prophets. Samson and John: born to be wild! Wild with the Word of God flaming forth from an inborn passion to prepare the way of our God. Soon we will celebrate another miraculous birth. John heralds the coming of the Word-Made-Flesh. The passion within Jesus will run deep in his commitment to fulfill his Father’s will.

As I approach the celebration of Incarnate Love, how passionate a prophet am I? Could someone describe me as “wild with the Word of God?” How have I encountered the Word and engaged the world in the weeks of Advent? To what “more” am I called this week? May we, like Samson and John, be people of strength, courage, passion and mercy in our efforts to labor with Christ for God’s Reign of Love.

—Susan Kusz, SND serves as Associate Director at the Jesuit Retreat House in Oshkosh, WI.