Christianity is not a passive religion. To follow Christ is to accept the mission to proclaim the Gospel to the world. Just as the twelve were sent with specific instructions, given authority to heal in his name and proclaim the good news, we, too, are called. He told them to take only what is essential for the journey. They had to trust Jesus that they would receive what they needed. Often we stall at the beginning of our missions because we do not feel equipped. Sometimes we stall after we start because we lose our way.

Do you have some mission you feel Christ may be calling you to fulfill? Is something holding you back? Do you feel unworthy, ill-equipped? Certainly, some of the twelve felt that way, yet they set out anyway. What lessons can you take from the apostles about letting go and trusting Jesus.

—Sam Mauck is the Director of Catholic Campus & Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese of Memphis, which is a member of the Charis Ministries Partner Program.