One of the blessings of the Spiritual Exercises is the suggestion to pray “the Triple Colloquy.” Participants are asked to bring themselves and their thoughts to Jesus, to Mary, and to God. As I learned to do this, I began to picture a kind of holy force on my side.

Our reading reminds us that it all begins with the Father’s great love for us. We are loved as God’s own children and we are assured that there is so much more ahead for us. Until then, we can hope for the day when we stand in heaven and join this force of all that is “pure” and good.

On this feast of All Saints, let us be thankful for the bonds of love that connect us to all the saints and holy people who have gone before us. Let us be consoled by this gift of powerful goodness.

—Rita Zyber is RCIA and Confirmation Coordinator at St. Mary Student Parish at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI.





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