The current TV series A.D. introduces us to St. Mark. Coptic tradition holds that he hosted the disciples in his house after Jesus’ death. He wrote down the sermons of Peter, thereby composing the gospel of Mark. He traveled to Alexandria and is honored as the founder of Christianity in Africa. Thus he is one of those who “went forth and preached everywhere.”

Each of us is “on the road” today, preaching the gospel (whether we think about or not) by our words and actions. We may not pick up serpents or drink poisons, as today’s gospel notes. Yet quite likely our kindness, compassion, and thoughtful words may well hold some demon at bay. Further, as any of us speak new iPad and iPhone languages, we bring the work and words of the Lord to bear on the knotty situations of our daily living. So who is to say that the Risen Jesus is not confirming our words and actions “through accompanying signs”? Let us be alert to the God’s influence alive in our hearts!

―The Jesuit Prayer Team