This passage is not about the merits and measure of others. This message is for those who hear the call to discipleship, and choose to live and move and have their being in response. It is for those who choose to remain within the gravitational pull of the invitation inherent in that call.

The invitation issued by and through Jesus is the invitation to accept the gift of discipleship. The gift is the ability to  recognize the Incarnational Activity of the Father taking place in our lives and in our world through the Spirit, and to participate in it.

When, where, how do we participate in the work and the will of the Father, in Christ, through the Spirit? Here and now, in the everyday stuff of living; in the flesh and the blood and the breath taking. Here and now, in the Bread, and all that’s implied in its breaking. Here and now, in the Other, in all that compassion unleashes, and in all that love requires.

Somewhere, beyond the literal, and metaphorical, resides the Sacramental, and it is there, in the surrender to the Paschal Mystery that somehow we, as disciples, see the face of God and live. Ready, or not!


—Moira and Richard Clark are Catholic high school educators in Cleveland, OH. Rich is President of St. Martin dePorres High School, and Moira is Dean of Student Life & Formation at Magnificat High School.