“People immediately recognized him.” The word ‘immediately’ shows up a lot in Mark’s Gospel. There is urgency in Mark’s world; there is an “on the go” quality to Jesus’ ministry. We see in today’s Gospel that no matter where Jesus was, whether a village or town, a bustling marketplace or the pastoral countryside, people are  “scurrying” and “begging” for him to come near. They stop at nothing to see him. I can hear them exclaiming: “Ah! Just to touch the edge of his cloak…. that would be enough for me!”

When I read this, I cannot help but admire the reckless trust that these people have for Jesus. I ask myself: Do I recognize Jesus when he is in my midst? Do I know what I really need? Where I am aching for healing? What is it that I urgently want to tell Jesus? How might I seek Jesus earnestly today?

—Dan Finucane teaches theology and coordinates Campus Ministry activities at St. Louis University High School in St. Louis MO.