If you were going to get a bunch of young people together which city would you choose?  Cleveland!

Obviously we’re kidding! (Although we’ve heard that the kids just love those flammable rivers)1.  But if you can’t get to Cleveland,  why not head to Rio?  Brazil is on a roll lately.  They have the upcoming Summer Olympics, the World Cup and even World Youth Day.  But before World Youth Day, we’d like to invite you to a series of immersion experiences the Jesuits will be putting together for students.  Still not sure what the heck we are talking about?  No idea what Magis is?  Check out this “pop up” 2 video.

If you are a student of a Jesuit School and are interested in attending Magis 2013, contact your Campus Ministry Department.

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Cover Photo credit Flickr user Gustav ”Cristo, Rio de Janeiro”