The question posed by today’s Gospel is why some people (the Ninevites who responded to the Prophet Jonah and the Queen of Sheba who responded to the wisdom of Solomon) experience conversion while others (those looking for a “sign” in today’s Gospel) do not.

I don’t know if we are much different from the crowds in today’s Gospel looking for a “sign.”  When we look for meaning and fulfillment in our lives, do we seek out the wrong “signs” provided by our culture?  Our culture teaches us that happiness is a product of what we have—be it wealth, abilities, status, attractiveness, power. Do we grasp for these things, or are we open to recognizing that there is “something greater here”?

Pope Francis once noted that “people listen to the radio, to television, and to gossip throughout the day, but do we take a bit of time each day to listen to Jesus?” How can we grow this Lent in listening to Jesus and quieting the other “signs” that compete for our attention each day?    

—Dave Lawler is a Campus Minister atCreighton Preparatory School in Omaha, NE.