For many years this Gospel was difficult for me to relate to. It is rare that I have been furious in my life. It has happened however that a disappointment turned to anger, that anger into fury. Just like these Nazoreans I was unable to see the reality of what was really happening right in front of me.

Blinded by anger. Spiraling out of control. Emotions can be that way. When we are emotional it is challenging to step back and open up. In this story Jesus is offering an invitation to discipleship. In this time of Lent he invites us to open our hearts to the invitation to seek him and his love. Jesus reminds us he is in our midst waiting for our “yes.” Can you seek him today not only in prayer but in the world around you?

—Erin Maiorca serves as associate director of Bellarmine Jesuit Retreat House, Barrington, IL.