Today’s Gospel passage from St. Luke reminds us to be “vigilant at all times” amidst the “anxieties of daily life.” This final weekend of the 2017 Church year gives me the opportunity to look back with gratitude…and then to look forward with hope. What have been some surprising, even pivotal experiences of life and faith in recent months – at home, in school, at work? How have I strengthened my relationships with family and good friends? And where have I been vigilant in noticing God’s presence within my daily routine?

This past weekend we celebrated the feast of Christ the King, a time to bless God for all the ways the life and strength of Jesus help me make sense of my daily experience. How is God’s grace percolating in my heart, helping me fit the pieces of my life together?

Spend some time giving thanks to God for “all that has been” …and look forward in hope to what is “still to come.”

—The Jesuit Prayer team

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