Today’s passage from the Book of Exodus echoes the first reading for the Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper that begins the Holy Week Triduum. It connects the Hebrew people’s celebration of Passover and their exodus from Egypt to Jesus’ passover meal with his disciples. This mid-July summer day offers a great opportunity to bless God for the gift of Jesus’ body and blood which we share at Mass. As we bless God for the daily gifts and graces that come our way, we also hold up to the Lord whatever “exodus” may be going on in our personal and family lives.

Psalm 116 offers a template for reflection and prayer: how can I properly thank the Lord for all the good things that come into my lifemy time and talents, the gift of my family, my workyes the challenges but also the blessing of these summer days? Gratitude is one of God’s special gifts. What am I truly grateful for today? How can I offer such blessings and gifts to those I live with, work with, run across throughout this day?

—The Jesuit Prayer Team