This Gospel shares with us the miracle of Jesus driving out demons from the mute man and the amazement of those who witnessed the event. In typical Ignatian fashion, imagine you are the mute man in this story…what are the “demons” in your life that you want Jesus to cast out?  Perhaps the “demons” may be in the form of physical temptation, grudges, self-centeredness, or gossip. Whatever our personal “demons” may be, none is more powerful than the mercy and love of God.

May this Lent serve as a time to ask for Jesus’ help with the “demons” in our lives so we can live more fully in the image of Christ. Who knows…maybe others will witness a change and be amazed by our reflection of God’s mercy and love.

—Sadie Curtin serves as Co-Director of Faith Formation at the Church of the Gesu, University Heights, OH.