I am lucky to have several people in my life to whom I can turn with problems, concerns and questions. They give me great feedback, but even more importantly they are consistently reassuring, confirming and soothing.

I started to reflect on today’s gospel, but this reading from Isaiah drew me back. I think it is because I imagine God as speaking directly to me, little old me! God takes time to address me, to give me assurance of his creative power, and most of all to tell me how much he loves me. He assures me I will be safe and his love for me is mighty, gentle and unconditional. I feel so reassured, confirmed and soothed. I can trust completely in the Lord who is my God.

The people who speak so wisely and consolingly to me are God’s presence and love incarnate in my life. I will have to remember more often that God also wants to speak such words to me directly! He sends his Son to do so!

—David McNulty serves as Assistant for Operations at the Chicago-Detroit Jesuit Province.