Anniversary of the Canonization of St. Ignatius Loyola and St. Francis Xavier

(Reflecting on today’s gospel, Sean Hairston chose to write this poem.)

Like bullying you have a choice
Upstander or bystander
By the end they’re just words

It’s your actions
that reflect who you are
Not the fancy stuff
Not the money or cars

Be the person one can depend on
Not the one who calls people peons

Look at your self
Your own personal reflection
Don’t be called the rumors

I can’t speak for you
But I can speak for me
If I could not speak
Then I can still dream

Shine the light on all
And show them a holy way
Show them community
And teach them how to play

Just speak up.

—Sean Hairston, class of 2017, St.  Martin de Porres High School, Cleveland OH