In today’s gospel, a blind man is healed by Jesus. The man, Bartimaeus, shouted: “Master, I want to see.” Jesus responds, “Go your way; your faith has saved you.” When I consider this passage, I think of how vulnerable Bartimaeus must have made himself in order to cry to Jesus for help, and within a crowd no less. This vulnerability is what allowed the blind man to accept the faith that saved and healed him.

In our daily lives and in most societal circles, vulnerability is not a desired or efficient characteristic that we want to portray. It seems most acceptable to wear of a mask of pride. Instead, let’s remember to ask Jesus for the strength to get through obstacles, big or small. We must allow ourselves a certain amount of personal vulnerability to listen and trust in God.

—Mark Ehrbar is Co-Director of Music at Gesu Church, University Heights, OH.