Weakness doesn’t rank very high on the world’s scale of values. Just look at the recent games of the NHL and NBA championships. The sports pages are filled with commentary on the mistakes of individual players and the weaknesses of the losing teams. Or take time to watch the 20 second spots pushing the latest diabetes tonic or wrinkle cosmetic. So what do we make of Paul’s invitation to be content with weakness, mistreatment, and distress for the sake of Christ. Can we believe deep down that “when I am powerless, it is then that I am strong”?

Jesus’ words to his disciples build on the challenges of the first reading. What does my experience tell me when I try to serve two masters—to follow some worldly-wise fitness program or real estate scheme as I also respond to Jesus’ invitation that I store up heavenly treasure? As we sort out these competing values, Jesus offers the helpful images of light and sight. Since the eye is the body’s “lamp,” the eye of faith will always help us find the word and work of Jesus in very practical ways…at home, at work, with co-workers and loved ones. “If your eyes are good, your body will be filled with light.” Now there’s a challenge for the week to come!

—The Jesuit prayer team