In today’s Gospel, the resurrected Jesus explains to the disciples how he is the fulfilment of Scripture. Believing that his wounds were not evidence enough, Jesus reveals the full significance of what has happened. Having been thus enlightened, the disciples are now to be witnesses to the Resurrection.

We Christian believers are also called to be witnesses. How seriously do we take this responsibility? During our daily routines we must ask ourselves, “Am I accomplishing this duty entrusted to me? Have I taken the time to notice, understand, and witness to Jesus’ continual revelation through Scripture, Sacraments, and prayer?

We are all witnesses of Christ’s selfless sacrifice and glorious resurrection. Then what are we doing to show our gratitude and appreciation? When the disciples realize the fullness of what Christ has done their life and mission change completely. Last week we once again celebrated this event. Has our mission changed?

—Brian Cisneros is a 9th Grade student, Verbum Dei High School, Los Angeles, CA.