Ep. 5 Airdate – April 2, 2014

Director Tom Shadyac (Ace Ventura, Evan Almighty) documents his experience following a serious head injury and how it changed his life.

Questions for Reflection and Conversation:

1. Tom asks two questions in I AM: “What’s wrong with the world?” and “What can we do about it?” to make it better. Recall Tom’s story and his journey. Does it resonate in any way with your journey? Why or why not? What are your big questions and what are you doing about finding the answers?

2. On the I AM website Tom Shadyac says he has been searching for truth since he was a child, that “the pursuit of the truth” has been a “passion” for him. What is your passion? What makes you get out of bed in the morning? In what ways do you think Lent is about the search for truth?

3. Along with the film, if you spend some time on the I AM website you learn that after Tom had his accident he literally had a “dark night of the soul” because the symptoms of the original concussion didn’t go away. He was depressed and experienced severe mood swings. But the thought of death motivated him to think about the legacy he would leave behind, and things began to change. Have you ever experienced a “dark night of the soul”? What positive steps did you take to work through that time in your life? Did doing something for others help you grow spiritually? How so? How in touch were you with the inner movements of your soul? How in touch are you now?

4. Tom Shadyac’s film is perfect for Laetare Sunday because I AM is about the freedom to be joyful that love gives us. Tom is a comedian and seeing the humor and absurdities of life fuels his creativity. But this requires 1) awareness of the people and the world around us 2) discernment 3) gratitude 4) change, or amendment of life and 5) prayer. Take some time to reflect on these elements and this thing you are doing for Lent. How’s everything going?

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  • John Wren

    I’ll be suggesting “I Am” as topic at a couple of meetings here in Denver, see http://www.JohnWren.com and join us if your on Denver

    Would Tom Shadyac be open to being a guest on a SPECIAL EDITION The Startup Show to talk about how he started his career and how an injury had led him in a new direction with his work? Done from his webcam at time he picks. Today? Tomorrow?

    Would Sister Rose?

    You can reach me now at my land line (303)861-1447 anytime on my cell (720)495-4949

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